Poke, pronounce 'po-kay,' is a Hawaiian snack that you can now enjoy at ZINC New Haven. 

Poke, which is Hawaiian for slice or cut, is a delicious raw fish salad. Traditionally tuna was used, though other seafood like raw salmon or other shellfish is now used more frequently. A popular snack in Hawaii for many years, Poke is becoming a popular dish again and there is no wrong way to make it. Some are made with miso and Korean chili sauces, others with ginger and scallions. When Chef/Owner Denise Appel was reading last month's Bon Appetit Magazine, she was inspired by this article about poke and knew she had to create one for ZINC New Haven.  In her version, she decided to use our house-made gravlax, which is salmon that we cure in sugar, salt, and dill, and add a tangy Ginger Mayonnaise and other flavorful ingredients. 

Salmon Gravlax Poke
Cured Salmon/ Ginger Mayonnaise/ Sesame Brown Rice/ Pickled Cucumber + Red Onion/ Edamame + Daikon/ Nori Togarashi/ 14

This dish is perfect if you’re looking for a light and quick dinner that you can enjoy at the bar with a glass of wine or cocktail. Or order it for your table as an appetizer so everyone can try this unique and delicious dish. It’s so light and fresh, the perfect start to every meal!