There are items on our menu that have been the same for 17 years; recipes that haven’t changed because they are long time favorites. There are many other dishes that we change based on the season and availability of ingredients. The Pacific Black Cod is one of those dishes. Over the years we have had many versions of this dish, some with spicy broths, others with a sweeter component, but no matter what way we do it, our guests love this dish!

Pacific Black Cod
Creamy Sunchoke Sauce/ Chipotle Sweet Potato Mash/ Shredded Brussels Sprouts/ Ginger Mussels/ 30

When it comes to seafood, like all of our ingredients, we go to great lengths to make sure that the fish we bring in is sustainably farmed or wild caught. This can be a bit more difficult and an expensive task, but it’s something we strongly believe in. We want to bring you the freshest and highest quality food that you would purchase yourself and cook with pride and satisfaction. 

We hope you have an opportunity to taste this dish soon!