There are certain dishes that we absolutely love, but can only keep them on the menu for a limited time, to make room for other phenomenal recipes. 

Right now we have a natural grilled pork chop that we are sourcing from a family farm in Missouri. They raise sustainable, natural, and organic protein products. This cut of pork is so tender and juicy that you'll definitely eat your entire dinner! 

Denise Appel, our Chef-Owner, created an IPA Beer and Smoked Cheddar Sauce, using the Connecticut brewery, Charter Oak Brewing Company's Wadsworth IPA. It's an American style IPA with plenty of hop aroma and bitterness that blends perfectly with the smoky cheddar flavors to create a sauce so befitting of this tender pork. 

Apples have been a classic pairing with savory pork for centuries, adding a sweet contrast to the dish. Of course, we can't just give you traditional apple sauce at ZINC. Our Granny Smith Apple Confiture (which is taking whole fruit and submerging it in a syrup) We take sliced apples and add a little wine, mustard seed, cardamom, and cinnamon. It's absolutely delicious! 

Our Shredded Brussels Sprouts are sautéed in butter with house pickled mustard seeds, which add both spice and texture. Finished with a bit of fried onion, this is a delicious accompaniment to the tender pork.

Heritage Foods, the family farm we get our pork from for ZINC and Kitchen ZINC, is a natural processor, marketer, and distributor of natural and organic protein products. Heritage Food, humanely and sustainably raises hogs and cattle as well as chemically free vegetables, crops, hay, and timber. Russ Kremer is a family farmer and manager at Heritage Foods and is nothing short of amazing and we could talk about all of his accomplishments, but we suggest you take a look for yourself and read more about what this man is doing for the slow food movement. You can learn more about Russ and Heritage Foods here. 

We'll have to make room for lighter, Summer inspired dishes, so this won’t be on the menu too much longer. So you must come soon and try it soon!