At ZINC New Haven we are huge proponents of local, small business. You know that we are also fans of education and teaching our staff and guests about the ingredients that we bring into the restaurant. With that said, we are so excited to be hosting a dinner with Master Beekeeper, Bill Hesbach, Broken Arrow Nursery, and Barr Hill Gin focused around bees, pollination, and the delicious nectar they produce - honey! 

Bill Hesbach is Connecticut native with a background in engineering. His interest in beekeeping started in 1975, and after a career hiatus, he began to build a sideline beekeeping business in Cheshire, CT where he now produces a crop of artisanal raw honey at Wing Dance Apiary. He teaches bee biology and basic beekeeping at events hosted by both the Backyard Beekeeping Association and the Connecticut Beekeepers Association. His interests in beekeeping include honey bee genetics and the connection between local flora and bee behavior. He’s an EAS certified master beekeeper and recently completed the University of Montana's master beekeeping program. His published articles on beekeeping can be found in both Bee Culture and Beekeeping Magazine.
At ZINC we use Fat Bee Honey, made from by Wing Dance Apiary, on our cheese board, in dessert, and any other cooking opportunity that we can. We do have an inside source, our beloved Events Manager, Elizabeth Ciarlelli is the other part of Wing Dance and Fat Bee Honey. In addition to delicious nectar, she makes hand creams and lip balms from this beeswax from the apiary. 





Broken Arrow Nursery is our neighbor in Hamden and we’re so happy to have them join us for the dinner as well. A representative from the nursery will talk with us about the importance of pollination and the best native plants and flowers for bees. Broken Arrow acquires, develops, and grows rare, unusual and garden worthy plants. 

To sweeten the pot a little, we’re serving cocktails featuring Barr Hill for this fabulous dinner. Todd Hardie, the founder of Caledonia Sprits, producer of Barr Hill Gin and Vodka, has been a beekeeper since he was 12-years-old. After owning an apiary in Vermont for quite a few years, he decided that he wanted to bring raw honey into the distillation process, and thus, Barr Hill Gin and Vodka was created.





This kind of dinner doesn’t come around often! We hope you'll join us on Thursday, June 1 at 6 pm. Denise is creating a 4-course menu for this dinner, inspired by honey. Wine and cocktails will also be served. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Tickets are $85 (all inclusive). To purchase a ticket, visit