Alba Estenoz, holds a very important position at ZINC and Kitchen ZINC restaurants. She's the mastermind behind the delectable treats to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings!

For this weeks Market Menu, she made the traditional Central American dessert, Tres Leches. A simple and delicious dessert served in many homes in Central America, it is often make with a store bought sponge cake which is then soaked in “3 milks” condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. The creamy mixture is absorbed by the cake to create a dessert with rich flavor and texture. You can add a simple meringue or powder sugar on top, or simply just eat the cake. 

Alba has taken this wonderful dessert and put a creative spin on it by using local, seasonal products from the farmer’s market. Instead of a simple piece of cake, she's layered it with fresh, juicy strawberries and created a beautiful parfait. Do not miss this treat!