We love discovering new and local purveyors to use at both ZINC and Kitchen ZINC. We also love sharing these companies with you so that you can enjoy the fruits (or meats in this instance) of their labor! 

Oui Charcuterie is locally owned and operated in Woodbridge, CT and has been humanely raising heritage hogs to produce salami for some time. They raise the hogs outdoors on a diet of barley, acorns, hickory, walnuts, apples, grass, plants, veggies, fruits, grains….get the point? The hogs have plenty of space to roam around and when the time comes, Oui Charcuterie uses a family recipe to dry cure and age the meat and they do not use nitrates. 

Farmer Matt is the man behind the hogs at Oui Charcuterie. He has always had a passion for food and creating recipes, but charcuterie is where his heart is. Originally he started by buying pigs and hogs from other local farmers in the area until he was able to raise his own heritage hogs. It was then that he took his family recipe and began to create delicious salami, prosciutto, pancetta, and coppa. 

We’re so happy that Matt and his family continue to produce these delicious meats and that we are able to support this local business by bringing them into ZINC and Kitchen ZINC to use in our recipes. You can also support Oui Charcuterie by purchasing one of their products at markets around Connecticut. (find one near you here…http://www.ouicharcuterie.com/find-us-here/)



**photos from Oui Charcuterie. http://www.ouicharcuterie.com