This Thursday, October 11, we’re happy to be hosting our friend Amber from Scarpetta Wines. She’ll be in the restaurant from 5-9pm talking about Scarpetta Wines. Scarpetta Wines are new to Connecticut and we could not be more thrilled to be one of the first in Connecticut to offer them. The wines are a fabulous representation of Italian wine and terroir. The wine maker was inspired by a trip to the northeastern part of Italy, a region called Friuli-Venezia Giulia. He saw that everyday meals included good food, drinking good wine, and having great conversation. Each meal seemed like a small celebration. “Scarpetta was created as an homage to this lifestyle. Scarpetta refers to a small piece of bread used to soak up the last bit of delicious sauce on your plate that you can't possibly leave behind.” These wines along with our stellar food will surely help make an ordinary day seem extraordinary.

Frico Rosso 2015 Bottle Front.jpg

Thursday we will be offering flights of Scarpetta wines currently available in Connecticut. Amber will be with us to answer any questions and to tell you about the story of the wines. You’ll be able to enjoy these wines at ZINC….

Barbara del Monferrato 2015
a medium-bodied red with bright acidity and low tannins. Beautifully balanced. 

Pinot Grigio 2016
Light but complex with melon and stone fruits with minerals and a medium body. 

Frico Rosato 2017
This is crisp, clean and zesty with white grapefruit flavor. 

Frico Rosso 2016
This is an everyday Tuscan red wine. It has tart cherry, cranberry, and plum flavors with dried savory herb notes. 

We talked with Amber the other day and asked her a few questions about herself and Scarpetta.

1. How did you start in the wine industry/Scarpetta? First wine you loved?  

I had my "aha moment" dining with my sister in San Francisco when she was a chef out there after finishing culinary school about 14 years ago. It was my first experience with food and wine pairing and high level hospitality. It changed my whole perspective on wine as an experience as opposed to just a beverage. Years in restaurants in NYC, followed by a stint managing and and buying for a boutique retail store lead to my first job on the supply side of the business 4 years ago. Scarpetta came along at just the right moment in my journey and has been an exciting challenge since jumping into the territory at the start of 2018. The wines that first blew my mind were southern Rhone reds. Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf-du-Pap was an early favorite.

2. What are the ideas/philosophy behind Scarpetta Wines? 

Scarpetta wine is all about making everyday wines special. It started with Bobby Stuckey M.S. and James Beard award winning chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson opening Frasca in Boulder, a hyper-regional Friulano restaurant. Their love of the region and the relationships they developed over many visits inspired them to start making a small amount of wine for the restaurant. The brand grew out of these close collaborations with incredible family winemakers and has grown to include wines from Piemonte, Tuscany, and Sicily. 

3. Can you talk a bit about your role with Scarpetta/Frasca? 

I am the Northeast Sales Manager for Scarpetta Wine. I manage a territory from Maine to Virginia. I support our distributors across these markets and share the wines with key customers in each state.

4. Is there anything that is new coming up with the winery? Lambrusco. We are thrilled to be launching our Frico Lambrusco 250ml cans this fall! The wine is delicious, approachable, and a very authentic style for lambrusco lovers and those new to the variety alike. We are the first to be importing Lambrusco in cans, and can't wait to see how the wine is received. 

5. A little bit about Bobby?

 Bobby is from Arizona and established himself in the mid-90's at The Little Nell in Aspen before being brought on by Thomas Keller to the French Laundry in Napa to take their wine list from all California to an international selection. He met Lachlan working at The French Laundry and they decided to become business partners and head off to Boulder to open Frasca in 2004. He earned his M.S. diploma and still spends 6 nights a week on the floor at Frasca and their newest restaurant in Denver Tavernetta. 

6. Have you been to Friuli-Venezia?

I have! I was lucky enough to tour around with Bobby and Lachlan almost as soon as I started for an awesome orientation trip. It's an incredible place that is often overlooked by Americans travelling to Italy. It's only 40 minutes from Venice, and completely unique. The food and culture are heavily influenced by it's proximity to Austria and Slovenia. The combination of the Carnic Alps to the north and the Adriatic to the south create an extraordinary climate for wine growing, particularly for aromatic white wines. 


To learn more about Scarpetta, Amber, and to taste these delicious wines, join us for dinner on Thursday night. You'll be able to order a glass of Scarpetta, a bottle, or a flight of all the wines. Reservations are recommended. For more information please call 203-624-0507