It’s been a while since we’ve featured a wine and since it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share a wine we love so much right now that we’d ask it to be our Valentine if we could! We  asked Michael Egan, our manager and Sommelier, about why he brought in this specific wine for our wine by the glass list. Here’s his story of how he discovered, The Bodegas Y Vinedos, Raul Perez Bierzo Tinto “Ultreia St. Jacques” 2016


“One of the perks of my position at ZINC is being able to attend wine tastings. While this seems like a fun day drinking wine, it’s actually work. I’m there to search for great, unknown wines to bring home to the restaurant. During my last wine tasting expedition, hosted by Michael Skurnik in New York City, I found a phenomenal wine. In the center of a large room surrounded by a swarm of people, I encountered a plainly dressed gentleman (though I would be remiss to mention his larger than life beard that make this man even more unforgettable) After a few minutes of waiting, I was able to squeeze my way to the front of this crowd. It was here, that I was rewarded with some of the most interesting Spanish wines I have tasted in years. The man behind the beard, Raul Perez, is also the man behind the wine. This Spanish-only speaking man was luckily standing next to a wine rep I knew who was able to translate, so regardless of a language barrier, I was able to hear this winemakers incredible story. These fabulous wines are from the Northwest corner of Spain, specifically the Bierzo region. His wines are predominantly made from the Mencia grape, grown in older vineyards, and the wine making style is low intervention, a nod to the great wines of Burgundy. Beautiful aromas of spring flowers and sweet blueberry and other blue fruit. The flavors have multiple layers of plums and berries, a touch of minerality. A touch of smooth tannis complete this wine. 


After traversing the other tables in search of gems for ZINC’s wine list, I was drawn back to those Spanish wines. In a room full of great wines, his wine stood out to me in a way that is hard to describe. With that said, I am very excited to introduce you to the wines of Raul Perez. Now featured on the Wine by the Glass list, we recommend trying this with our Hangar Steak or even our Salmon; these pairings will not disappoint.”

Everyone at ZINC is happy that Michael finds these amazing wines for us to try, learn about, and share with you! The next time your in for a visit, order a glass of this fantastic Spanish red and enjoy!

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