There are a lot of people that contribute to the success of both restaurants and we value them immensely. We'd like you to get to know the people that help you decide which item to order and help make your dining experience at ZINC and exceptional one! 

This weeks Employee Spotlight for ZINC is beloved bartender, Sean. Whether you're having dinner at the bar or are just grabbing a drink, you can rest assured that you're in good hands if Sean is behind the bar. 


Name: Sean D'Addio

Where are you from? I grew up right here in West Haven, CT

What do you love about working at ZINC?
I really enjoy the atmosphere. It has a family feel to it, it starts from the top with the owners and
management all the way through. Zinc is a very welcoming place for our customers, who feel at home when they come.

When you’re not at ZINC, what do you do in your free time?
I enjoy golfing, and getting together with my family when the time provides the opportunity. I play in a kickball league that helps me blow off steam and get together with some really good people. Mostly, I enjoy watching my children grow into amazing human beings. I couldn't be a more proud father.

What is your favorite item from the menu?
So many things to choose from. Way to hard to narrow it down to one particular thing. The Pork
Chop is amazing, as well as the Bass. I think if I sat down to dinner I would go for a few of the starters to get a little of everything. The Prosciutto and Ricotta dish is one everyone should try. The Poke and the Artichokes with Fondue, all are fan favorites as well.

Which wine or cocktail at Zinc is currently is your favorite? Why?
The Winter Old Fashioned. I enjoy an Old Fashioned to begin with, but to give it the special ZINC twist with a house made cinnamon simple syrup made cannot beat it.

What are you looking forward to this year?
Watching the continual growth of my family and working toward my future as well. To see the continued success of Zinc and to be able to continue to do my part in helping that happen.