Winter, in my home, means big and hearty red wines to help fight off the cold. Napa Valley is a good spot to source these kinds of wine when the mercury drops. There are many famous wineries in Napa Valley, but very few capture the true essence of what this area embodies. The 2013 Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet is one of the few.

Founded by Charles “Charlie” Wagner and his wife, Lorna Belle Glos, in the early 70’s, Caymus continues to be family owned and operated. They began to bottle and sell their family wine and their first vintage was in 1972. The Wagoner family is deeply rooted in all things wine; the expansion of their empire correlates to the expansion of their family. Charles (Chuck) Wagner Jr. has now started four other successful wineries with his children in leading roles.

They currently only produce a Cabernet and a Special Selection Cabernet. The Special Selection Cabernet has won theWine Spectator Award for Wine of the Year, twice (84 and 89); something no other winery has ever achieved.

Get out of that frigid cold weather and into ZINC New Haven. Warm your soul with a bottle of the 2013 Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet, currently on our wine list.

Tasting Notes-

Deep, dark red to purple colors lead to an aroma of dark cocoa, spice, black fruits, and a hint of vanilla. On the palate, this wine spreads out flavors of cassis and tobacco. The finish is big tannins and leaves you wanting more. A classic pairing for this wine is our Hanger Steak, a must try for an unforgettable meal.