Winemaker, Arianna Occhipinti, makes one of the greatest Nero D’Avola in Sicily. She began her journey with wine when she was a teenager, studied it in college and then ventured on her own; she dropped out of college because she didn’t agree with some of the traditional principals she was being taught. She has truly made a name for herself, with the help and support of friends and family. She creates lively and balanced wines made from natural practices. Her wines, though quite pricey, are truly deserving of the reputation recently bestowed by Eric Asimov of the New York Times, and other great wine critics. I could go on, but we aren’t talking about those wines today. This week’s post is about her collaboration project to make, Tami Nero D’Avola, 2014.

Arianna Occhipinti, in collaboration with her boyfriend and friends, is making another fabulous wine, at a more reasonable price point. The name comes from the wine bar her boyfriend owns in the heart of Siracusa. Arianna intentions are to make a delicious affordable wine with organic grapes. She succeeded. The popularity and success of the Tami in Italy has allowed her to start distribution here in the U.S., which has also been a big success.

The chance to taste a Nero D’Avola made by Arianna Occhipinti is an opportunity not to pass up. The chance to taste a Nero D’Avola made by Arianna Occhipinti for a fraction of the cost is an opportunity to pounce on. Tami Nero D’Avola is a great way to introduce and expand your palate to great Sicilian wine.

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza or a more traditional dinner, you can try this wine at either of our restaurants. If you dine at ZINC New Haven, I recommend the wine with our new Spicy Shrimp + Andouille JambalayaKitchen ZINC is a must with the Fennel Salami Pizza. Either way, you’ll be happy.

Tasting Notes

Black fruits and peppery notes lead you into the glass. On the palate, the acid is in perfect balance with the medium weight and fresh black plum flavors. The finish lingers and gives a hint of earthy flavor.